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Patagonian Climate

Patagonia summer offers warm, sunny days and cool nights. Patagonia days are long, the sun rises at about 4:30 a.m. and sets near 10:30 p.m. Typically temperatures are around 18ºC during the day, dropping to about 7 ºC at night. Higher elevations will be experience a slightly cooler climate, and frosts have been know to occur at night, even during the summer. During April, daytime temperatures are usually in the 15 ºC, and drop to the 2ºC at night. There are important climatic variations at the Region, influenced mostly by the relief, the sea and the wind.

The average rainfall registers 425 millimeters annual, mostly in spring-summer and in winter as snow. This is an area of wind, more intense at spring-summer, time at which it reaches an average speed of 40 to 50 kilometers per hour, fading almost at all in winter.

# Spring Summer Fall Winter
Maximum Average 11,2 °C 15,3 °C 10,0 °C 3 °C
Minimum Average 2,5 °C 5,5 °C 2,3 °C -5 °C


What to bring to hike in Patagonia

Rain gear, it is very important to bring a good rain suit (including jacket and pants).

Medium-weight waterproof hiking boots, because ankle support is absolutely essential in mountainous terrain. Make sure your boots fit properly and are well broken-in. PLEASE DO NOT COME WITH A PAIR OF BOOTS YOU HAVE NEVER WORN BEFORE! Extra comfortable shoes such as tennis shoes or flip-flop. One fleece jacket, polar fleece, gloves, long pants and hiking shorts (or convertible pant). Long-sleeved shirt and T-shirts, bandannas, hat, sunglasses with neck strap, sunscreen, lip balm with sunscreen, insect repellent, lotion. A lightweight day pack.